The Renew program with Diane has not only impacted my overall health and my skin, but also has given me tools with how to deal with stressful situations in my life.  I suffered from severe eczema, which triggers flare-ups when I experience stress.   As an international athlete, stress, and the fear of not performing or failing is what cause these flare up.  Diane has equipped me with the knowledge and tools to deal with these situations before they even get to this point.  This process is challenging, eye opening, and to achieve the best results being extremely vulnerable, and open to change is key. Diane helped me with far more then just my physical health. Renew has changed my perspective, allowed me to understand why I think the way I do.  She allowed me to be real, and assist me in capturing my thoughts and altering my response in order to be a healthier me.

Thank you Diane for all the positive impacts you’ve made in my life

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