What difference has the Renew Program made in your life?

This has been an invaluable and powerful tool for gaining understanding, plus working out ways of overcoming problems

What do you do/see now that you didn’t do/see before?

The connection between my family and cultural background my my mistaken beliefs and unconscious responses to life experiences.  I thought I understood this before, but now I see far more clearly and in a panoramic way

What has changed in your life?

Far less stress at work;  optimism that I have changed my emotional limitations;  understanding my strengths better

What specific results have you enjoyed?

Much less stress – a greater sense of emotional well-being.  An awareness of my inner motivations and erroneous beliefs

What would you say to someone thinking about doing the Renew Program?

I strongly recommend this programme

Anything Else?

I’ve really enjoyed working with Diane – she is insightful, compassionate and professional

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