“I have been fortunate to be referred to Diane Stride by my doctor, Blaine Stride (Diane’s husband).

For some ten years I have suffered from pain and tension in both the abdomen and stomach. During this period I have had four colonoscopy’s and many ultrasounds. The pain has never been constant, or consistently in the same place, “a moveable feast” I describe it as. It has not disturbed my sleep and most days I have woken pain free with the tension creeping on as the day has progressed. My bowel movements have been quite erratic.

For two months now I have been guided by Diane and her program known as “Foodmaps”. This has had a huge effect on my health. My husband will bear testament to the new me. I have had several comments observing the brightness in my eyes and can honestly say the improvement to my discomfort has been immense.

Over the past month I have slowly introduced some of those foods that have been removed, taking note of any side effects. I have kept a diary of my food and bowel movements.

Diane has been most professional in her approach to my complaint. She has a great knowledge of food groups and their effect on Irritable bowel. She has been very easy to talk to, a great listener supporting her suggestions with good explanations.

I continue to be guided by Diane and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking to address their health and well being through dietary intake.”

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