Diane helped my father change his diet totally. He suffers from MS, an autoimmune disease and Diane suggested a change of diet might be beneficial to cope with the disease. Since it didn’t involve any medications my father was willing to try it for 3 months and see if there was any improvement.

The eating program was very different to what he used to eat and I wondered how he would stick with it. Diane was so supportive and gave us wonderful recipes and alternative foods that he was able to cope with the change very well. Diane gave us realistic advise as to the effect of the new diet – this was not a cure of MS. We have seen though, quite a marked improvement in the last 3 months in that his energy levels have increased and the deterioration rate seems to have slowed down.

Diane was able to tell us who the suppliers of specialist foods were, that made sticking to the program easier. The improvement we have seen in my father has made this eating program a life-change rather than a short term diet. Diane’s support through the visits and answering our questions via email was invaluable. I would highly recommend anyone with an autoimmune disease to try this eating program with Diane.

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