Anorexia was never something I saw in my daughters future, neither was covid. During Lockdown, my daughter wanted to get fit and eat healthy, good intentions. Along came huge amounts of schoolwork and a lot of pressure, combined with being unable to connect with zoom meetings. It all became too much. The only thing she had control of was eating and exercise. We slid straight into anorexia, unable to get to a doctor until level 2. We were incredibly fortunate that we were given Diane Strides number to help with the dietary needs of our daughter.

We had one meeting with her, then unfortunately our daughter ended up in emergency as her bloods changed. Doctors were unable to understand how she was still conscious as her heartbeat was 30 beats/min. This was incredibly scary for everyone. You never want to see your beautiful daughter hooked up to a mass of machines keeping her alive.

Thankfully we chose to stay with Diane, this was the best thing we could have done for our daughter. Diane is so much more than a dietician. She has been our lifesaver . She helped our daughter through the worst time of anorexia, she supported our family, she helped with the whole body image. Showing our daughter how distorted our picture of ourselves really is, and so much more.

Without Diane’s calm supporting influence, I can honestly say our daughter would not be where she is today. At School, passed her exams, getting back into the sports she loves and taking up new hobbies.

Having good support is vital to help your loved one get back to health, and we were fortunate with Diane.

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