What difference have Wellbeing Sessions made in your life?
I feel so much more free and lighter, happier and at ease with myself and others around me. I am training my brain to think about life in a different way and it is working.

What do you do/see now that you didn’t do/see before?
I see that I was stuck in a pattern of toxic thoughts about my whole being. I thought that I understood me but I didn’t really, however, I now understand myself more fully.

What has changed in your life?
I am able to prioritise me in constructive ways and feel good about it. I am able to think through how and why I am feeling this way, and more effectively deal with it.

What would you say to someone thinking of doing Wellbeing 1:1 Sessions with Diane?
Take a chance to change your thinking about yourself, it is hard work but the outcomes will be great if you put the effort in.

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