When I first came to Diane, I was very unwell. I had vertigo, was nauseas constantly, I had lost over 20 kg in weight and was very skinny. I was tired all the time, run down, had constant colds and throat infections, and was having difficulty swallowing, brain fog, migraines, had reflux etc. and the list went on. I had been back and forth between doctors and specialists for over two years, and was getting nowhere fast.
After discovering that my daughter was gluten intolerant, to support her I decided to give up gluten also. Amazingly, after only four days gluten free I had stopped sleeping for 3 hours on the couch every day! That is when I went looking for Diane.

I have now spent approx 6 months with Diane guiding me through the strict elimination diet, and the food/chemical challenges. Together we have discovered the wide range of food and chemical intolerances that have dominated my life for the past two years. I now only eat what my body likes, and I am well. My life has started again.

I have no hesitation in recommending Diane to anyone who is seeking medical answers, that they feel might be food related. Her expertise and knowledge, together with her upbeat enthusiasm and understanding is brilliant. Thanks Diane!

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