It was with a great deal of scepticism and caution that I agreed to do this course with Diane. I was however, determined to go in with a completely open mind as what do I know in the grand scheme of things and I had nothing to lose if it worked (other than a few excess pounds). I had for a number of years been dealing with an incredible amount of stress, over and above your everyday stresses (which are sufficient for any person to cope with) and while I worked hard at trying to reduce and eliminate that stress I just couldn’t quite get over the edge of letting it all go so I could move forward with some peace and happiness at life.

As far as courses go it was easy, I just had to listen, take in some sensible pragmatic ideas, I didn’t have to explain my past and dredge up any number of painful experiences, I got to sit looking out at the most beautiful landscape every week while Diane did her magic. I did have to participate in some “meditation” (which was a bit like tree hugging for me) but it worked! I don’t know why, I don’t even want to know why, it just did. I’m now converted and every opportunity I get, I recommend anyone to give it a go.

I can honestly say it has been decades since I have felt this calm, peaceful, relaxed and free. I have tools, very easy ones, to bring me back to this state if I need to, my mind is no longer racing off on some wild tangent that I can’t control, I can make basic practical decisions again without fearing the consequences and I have Diane to thank. I whole heartedly recommend anyone that is looking for that magic fix to give this a go. It’s a wonderful experience.

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