Describe how your health. Wellbeing and/or quality of life was affected before starting to work with me.

Stressed very easily. I felt flat and sluggish. I lacked confidence in many areas of my life, which impacted my work and home life.

How has your health/wellbeing improved and what has been the most noticeable impact on your life because of it?

I feel calmer. I feel I have skills now to manage situation. I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

What new skills or understanding have you learnt?

I have learnt to challenge negative thoughts.
I have learnt that PCOS is manageable – it’s not the be-all and end-all. It may take extra time to fall pregnant, but we will get there.

What do you do/see now that didn’t do/see before?

More aware of my diet and the right things to put into my body to manage PCOS.
Manage my stress levels through the tools I have learnt through doing the Renew program.

Speaking generally, is there anything you particularly liked about the information I provided and the way I interacted with you?

It was in a format that was easy to understand. I found Diane approachable and easy to talk to. She made me feel like I could really achieve what I hoped to and I did!

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