Overcoming Stress and Restoring Balance, was worth every minute of time and dollars spent.  Like many other ladies, I have a busy job, three children, and a husband who also works long hours.

I knew I was the exact type of person who would gain so much from the course Diane was offering, but was unsure how I would even fit in into my week.  I made it a priority and was so grateful I did.  Diane has organised a fabulous, heart-felt course.

The techniques, tools and words of wisdom she taught me have helped significantly with my day to day life of being a busy working mum.  I have pages of beautifully organised notes to refer back to and I am extremely grateful for Diane for organising such a fabulous course.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone who feels the business of their life has taken over and to anyone wanting to live the best life they can while still keeping up with those day to day commitments and chores!

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