I came across Diane’s details and thought to myself that I would love to get a meal-plan and receive advice in regard to my IBS and losing weight. However, when I visited Diane, she quickly identified that a “meal-plan” would not be beneficial. Diane is hugely experienced in the ‘nutrition world’ and over time has realised that a meal plan does not solve the underlying issues. Instead, we worked out normalising my eating again. All of the simple stuff we already know but don’t implement. There are no ‘quick-fixes’ or ‘fad diets’ BUT you will feel soo much better about yourself, learn how to eat in a ‘non-disordered’ way and naturally, your body will find where IT wants to be. It is about working with Diane, to learn to fuel your body in the right ways and be comfortable about who you are. Trust me, I didn’t think this is what I was looking for, but after spending months with Diane working on all aspects of my life, I have never been happier.

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