I am a seventy year old lady who has had the auto-immune disorder Lupus for twenty years.

The first four or five years I was quite considerably restricted by it until a medical specialist put me on a medical regime that gave me my life back.

However, over the ensuing years I have managed my life as well as I could, but it was becoming more difficult to control the pain, bloating, lack of sleep, and I was doing less and less because of the fatigue.

Since the onset I have tried many different ‘remedies’ with varying degrees of success. When Diane came and talked to a women’s group that I attend, I was ticking all the boxes that applied to me as she spoke, and there were many.

At my first visit Diane started me on a cleansing diet for three weeks and within three days my pain started to go and my fatigue levels improved so much I felt like a new woman! It was the first time in twenty years I had been without pain of some kind. Needless to say I am very motivated to stick to the diet very carefully and follow Diane’s instructions as I trial different foods to see which ones don’t agree with me. I am hoping to be able to reduce my medical regime once my diet is established.

It is good to talk to Diane as she can relate very well to the symptoms that I describe and knows exactly what I am talking about.

I have been telling all my friends about my new adventure and they are following my progress with interest.
I can recommend Diane to anyone who has an auto-immune problem, as she can help them find out what is causing these adverse symptoms.

I’m forever grateful Diane.

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