I have been recently diagnosed with PCOS and constantly been reminded by some health professionals to lose weight and that it was only a calorie issue. This caused frustration and stress, as I could not lose weight which made me feel useless.

How has your health improved and what has been the most noticeable impact on your wellbeing because of it?

My “mental” health and general wellbeing has immensely improved through my sessions with Diane. I learnt about food in a completely different approach. No food is bad if eaten with pleasure and moderation.

What new skills have I provided you with?

Diane has helped me improve/adapt my diet (due to PCOS), while helping me with body image issues. The Renew Programme, literally, has transformed me and I will keep using it.

Many people with health issues are scared to seek help. It would be wonderful if you could share in some words how our sessions have helped you.

Diane has helped me in many ways. It has been a journey but I have never felt judged and could open up about my feelings and issues. I have improved my diet and self-image. The Renew Programme was one of my best investments and I highly recommend it as a complement to the wellbeing sessions.

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