For the last 10 years I have been struggling with chest and stomach pains – which also at times led to feeling light headed and feeling like I was going to pass out. And every morning I would wake feeling horrible. I lacked energy, felt constantly wiped out, was extremely irritable and on a whole I felt totally miserable.

I had been to the doctor on numerous occasions to try and solve the problems I was having – every blood test, heart test, endoscopies etc all said I was perfectly healthy – which although was great to hear was also very frustrating because I didn’t feel healthy.

From Christmas 2012 through to April 2013 things started to get worse in terms of the way I was feeling and I was started to have panic attacks and had a real fear of going to bed at night. Eventually I decided to try something different to try and fix the problem and this lead me to making an appointment with Diane.

I went in to my 1st appointment with the attitude (perhaps more expectation) that if it didn’t work – then at least I could say I tried and could cross it off my list of things to try. During that 1st visit we went through the whole history of my symptoms, what my diet was etc.

When we had been through all that, Diane gave me a diet plan to try for the following weeks before my next appointment. When she gave me the plan she said I would notice a difference within “2 to 3 days” I had been in pain for 10 years so I didn’t think I would be pain free in 2-3 days. I was wrong! 3 days later I was pain free and it was such a strange feeling to go through a whole day without pain or discomfort, it felt extremely odd! Soon 1 day turned into 2, and soon became weeks – I have been totally amazed at the difference.

Diane was so professional and thorough in her diagnosis and testing programme, I felt well taken care of. Each appointment led to new challenges and discoveries about my diet and how it affected my body. Not only am I feeling way better, I have felt like I have more energy and have been less grumpy with all that stress off my shoulders. All in all I am glad I made the decision to go and see Diane as its been well worth it. I highly recommend Diane’s services.

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