My journey with polycystic ovaries began over 11 years ago !! Throughout this time my weight has fluctuated up and down, and so did the diets that I tried!! I was never able to keep on a diet for over a couple of weeks as the need for sugar and carbs was soo great that I would end up raiding the cupboards!!

The never ending cycle of dieting and raiding the cupboards kept depleting my energy levels and zapped my confidence. It also didn’t help my poc symptoms!!

I suffered with irregular, very painful, very heavy and very long periods, low energy levels and bad moods and a desperate need to eat lots of sweet food!!

My doctor was very helpful and after some consultations and treatments I was referred to a specialist. However, in August I received a letter to say that I was being removed from the waiting list. And that was my turning point, I had to do something!!

A friend recommended I see Diane who might be able to help. So on the 3rd of September I crept into the waiting room with no idea of what to expect. Out comes a lovely lady with a warm friendly smile. Diane was amazing. She was very friendly, non judgemental, calm and most importantly to me, I found her very easy to talk to!! After a wonderful chat we set out a new way of eating. I did initially panic as my past experiences told my that in a couple of weeks I would be back raiding the cupboards. However with great support and guidance by Diane, I am still maintaining it with ease after 3 months, and I feel fabulous. I still have the odd symptom, but they are no where near what I was experiencing before. My periods are shorter, lighter and regular with a small amount of discomfort. I have heaps of energy, no more bad moods and I don’t want anything sweet. What a change around!!

Not only has Diane enabled me to enjoy my life again, but she has also re-educated me about the benefits of food, and how my body reacts to certain foods (in both good and bad ways). I have really enjoyed my food journey with Diane and I can seriously say that it is the best thing that I have done for myself in along time!!

Thank you Diane for enabling me to enjoy my life again 🙂

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