I have always suspected I have a problem with certain foods. I have found out I am unable to eat egg products but have felt there was something else that was causing headaches, puffy eyes, fuzzy headedness, fatigue and a general feeling of unwellness. I have often looked at other people and their energy with envy. I had allergy tests and tested negative for food allergies. I felt I was imagining things and was at a loss as to what was causing me to feel this way when I thought I was eating a healthy balanced diet with a minimum of processed foods. I suspected it was a food or food group that was causing me to feel bad but was at a loss as to where to go to get help.

I was feeling desperate when I read Diane’s advert in our local paper. She is the first person I have found that tests for food chemicals and additives. I made an appointment with a sense of hope and a feeling that I had nothing to lose.

It is the best thing I have done for myself. Under Diane’s guidance I am identifying the food chemicals that are causing my problem. We are still in the process of testing, I am already feeling better and am excited that I am getting answers at long last. When we have completed the testing I will have the knowledge and power to take charge of my health and well being. I am very grateful I have met Diane and can’t thank her enough.

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