Gluten Fact Sheet

Q: What is gluten?
A: Gluten is the protein component of wheat, rye, barley oats, and their derivatives.

Q: I’ve cut gluten out of my diet and am so much better, therefore can I assume I must have a gluten intolerance?
A: Not necessarily. Sometimes by cutting gluten out of your diet, you are cutting other components out of your diet, which may actually be aggravating the symptoms. It is possible that you have restricted your diet more than you need to.

Q: Is there such a thing as gluten intolerance without Coeliac disease?
A: Yes there is. The difference is that with a gluten intolerance you get the symptoms without any damage happening to the gastrointestinal tract.

Q: I’ve got Coeliac disease and am on a gluten free diet, so why do I still have symptoms?
A. It is common to have an intolerance to more than one food/compound found in foods.

Q: I’m sure that I have food intolerances. Even though I have tried cutting gluten out of my diet with a little improvement, why do I still have a lot of symptoms?
A. It is common for someone to have a few food intolerances. Gluten may only be a part of the picture, or may not be involved at all. Gluten is the protein component, whereas often it is actually the poorly digested carbohydrates that are the issue.

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